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According to the Search Engine Journal, inbound leads cost 60% less than paid leads.

For definition, inbound leads are leads generated by non-paid methods like content, SEO, etc that request information without being enticed by an advertisement.

Impression-based ad costs have risen in the recent past, making way for increased investments in inbound marketing.

Inbound marketing, like SEO, creates a higher qualified lead since they reached out to you based on the trust they already have in your expertise.

In order to drive inbound roofing leads, your business and content need to rank highly for the right keywords that potential customers are searching for.

According to SEO Expert Neil Patel, customers don’t make buying decisions when they come to your website from informational keyword searches.

What this means, is that just ranking for searches that aren’t related to purchase decisions are not that valuable!

Many SEO companies try to rank your business for the fastest and easiest keywords, but miss the ones that really convert to leads.

For roofing businesses trying to generate inbound roofing leads, this means that you need to focus first on ranking for high intent keywords. Searches where the potential customer is more likely to make a decision, book an inspection or get a quote.

While not the easiest task, it’s much more valuable to rank for these competitive keywords and phrases.

Now, one way to expedite this process and decrease the competition is through local SEO.

What is local SEO?

Local SEO is a search engine optimization strategy that focuses on how your business appears in local search results on Google.

As a roofer, SEO that tries to rank you for roofing services 3 states away isn’t going to help you get more sales.

Taking a local approach, you can be sure that all of your efforts and rankings are actually going to result in roofing leads in areas that you actually service. 

Some of the strongest factors in a local SEO strategy include the following:

Informative Content

When it comes to SEO, content really is king. However, short form content just doesn’t get it done. The top content results on Google are usually 2,000 to 4,000 word articles which showcase the author’s expertise and authority in the subject. This is the same strategy we implement for your business.

Google Business Profile

As the face on local map pack searches and one of the main places potential customers will find your contact information, your Google Business Profile must be optimized. It’s a rather simple task and we can walk you through it, but it’s extremely important that you keep this up to date!

High Quality Backlinks

Google and other search engines constantly scan the web and analyze how websites interact with each other through links. The higher quality website that links to yours, the more authority you’re given. It’s a simple concept but hard to execute without the right plan.

Listings & Citations

When it comes to local SEO, many roofers miss this completely. There are hundreds of online business listing and directories scanned by Google and these are a way to send hundreds of validating points to your business information! The catch? Your business information MUST be exact. Any errors will be costly.

Localized On-Page SEO

Headers, titles, meta descriptions and more. These are all pieces of the SEO strategy and can be tailored to local areas.

Local Reputation

Reviews, reviews, reviews. When was the last time you called a business that had less than 4 stars? For roofers, most actually have great reviews! So in order to stand out, you need to make sure that you are responding to every review, posting on your social media and maintaining a great reputation in your community. 

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