Attracting New Customers for Your Med Spa: Proven Strategies and Tips

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How do I get more med spa customers?

This is one of the top questions that many med spa owners ask, especially at the beginning of the year or when they do annual planning. However, this is not the only challenges owner face, they often face a variety of challenges, some of which include:

  • Staying compliant with state and federal regulations: Med spas are subject to a wide range of regulations, and it can be difficult to stay up-to-date with all of the latest requirements.
  • Attracting and retaining customers: As with any business, it can be challenging to attract and retain customers. Med spas must find ways to stand out in a crowded market and provide exceptional service.
  • Managing costs: Operating a med spa can be expensive, with costs for equipment, staff, and supplies. Finding ways to control costs without compromising on service is a constant challenge.
  • Keeping up with the latest trends and technologies: The aesthetic and medical industry is constantly evolving, and med spa owners must stay informed about the latest trends and technologies in order to remain competitive.
  • Finding and retaining qualified staff: Finding and retaining qualified staff, such as nurses, estheticians, and physicians, can be challenging.

While all of these are important, attracting new customers is a top priority that nearly all med spa owners share. Today we’re gonna dive further into how med spa owners can attract and retain customers.


6 Ways Med Spa Owners Can Get More Customers

Offering Promotions and Discounts

Offering special deals and promotions can be a great way to attract new customers and encourage repeat business.

Offering a wide range of services

Offering a wide range of services, such as facials, massages, and laser hair removal, can make a med spa more appealing to a broader range of customers

Building a strong online presence

Having an active and engaging website, social media presence, and positive online reviews can help attract customers and build credibility.

Providing excellent customer service

Providing exceptional service and creating a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere can help attract and retain customers


Building relationships with other businesses and professionals in the industry can help generate referrals and bring in new customers

Utilizing SEO and digital marketing

Investing on SEO techniques and online marketing could reach more target audience, and increase visibility of the med spa

Med Spa SEO & Digital Marketing

One of the most popular ways is through SEO and Digital Marketing. Most business owners know that they need to invest in marketing, but a big question is often how much. So, how much should a med spa owner spend on marketing?

Well, the percentage of revenue that a med spa should spend on marketing can vary depending on the individual business and the goals that ownership has set. However, as a general rule of thumb, most experts recommend that small businesses, including med spas, should allocate between 5-12% of their revenue on marketing efforts.

This percentage can vary depending on the business’s overall revenue, the location, competition, and the desired growth rate. It’s important to note that, as a business grows, the percentage allocated to marketing may decrease as the business becomes more established and its repeat customer base increases.

It’s also important to note that not all marketing efforts cost money. Some of the strategies mentioned earlier such as building a strong online presence, offering excellent customer service, and utilizing SEO and digital marketing can be done with minimal or no cost if you put in the time to learn and execute on them yourself.

Finally, it’s important to measure the effectiveness of the marketing efforts, and adjust the budget accordingly. Track the return on investment (ROI) for each marketing campaign and to focus on the efforts that are driving the most revenue will help you know which channels to increase and which channels to cut.

Advertising for Med Spas

Direct advertising is one of the first methods used by med spa owners to attract new customers. While every med spa will want to run tailored promotions and advertisements, we put together a sample here to help you get on the right track.

An example of a good marketing advertisement for botox injections at a med spa could be:

Headline: “Say Goodbye to Wrinkles and Hello to a Younger-Looking You with Botox at XYZ Med Spa”

Body copy:

  • “At XYZ Med Spa, we understand that everyone wants to look and feel their best. That’s why we offer Botox injections to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the face.
  • “Our experienced and certified practitioners use only the highest-quality products to ensure the best results.
  • “Don’t wait any longer to achieve the youthful and refreshed look you’ve been wanting. Book your consultation today and receive 10% off your first Botox treatment.
  • “Plus, refer a friend and receive a $50 credit towards your next treatment.

Visuals: The ad could feature a before and after photo of a person who has had Botox injections, and/or a photo of a person looking happy and confident.

Call to Action: “Book your consultation today!” with a phone number, email, or website link where customers can schedule an appointment.

This ad is aimed at people who are looking for a med spa that offers Botox injections and is interested in looking younger and refreshed. The ad highlights the benefits of Botox, and the high-quality products that the spa uses. The offer of a promotion or referral program is a great incentive for new customers to schedule an appointment and try the service. The ad also includes a clear call to action, making it easy for potential customers to take the next step and schedule a consultation.

We don’t suggest you copy and paste this over into your marketing campaigns, but it should help you establish a framework for how to articulate the benefits and include an offer to entice the potential customer.

When making your offer, AmSpa’s 2022 State of the Industry Report highlighted an average revenue per customer per visit was $536! Plus 65% of new customers become repeat clients as well, so don’t be afraid to make an enticing, even aggressive offer to get that first customer in the door. Then you can wow them with your services, make them a repeat customer and really start to build up your recurring revenue.

Med Spa SEO and Content Marketing

Another popular route to get new customers is through SEO and content marketing. This isn’t something you can turn on and immediately get clients, but every dollar you spend on SEO becomes a permanent investment in your website that compounds over time.

The largest and most profitable med spas in the country all dedicate serious budgets to search engine optimization and content marketing. If you think you’re business is still going to be around in 6 months, then we suggest you consider setting aside an SEO budget for the compound returns you’ll make over time.

Content marketing strategy doesn’t have to be overwhelming either! Think about questions customers commonly have that they may turn to Google for. These are the types of keywords that you want to rank for, especially in local search. 

Here are some examples of frequently asked questions that med spa customers may have that could be used as the basis for a blog post:

  1. “What is the difference between Botox and dermal fillers?”
  2. “How long do the results of a Botox treatment last?”
  3. “What are the side effects of Botox injections?”
  4. “What should I expect during a consultation for Botox injections?”
  5. “Are there any alternatives to Botox for treating wrinkles?”
  6. “What are the benefits of laser hair removal over traditional hair removal methods?”
  7. “How many sessions will I need for laser hair removal?”
  8. “Is laser hair removal safe for all skin types?”
  9. “What are the benefits of facials?”
  10. “How often should I get a facial?”

Creating blog posts that answer these frequently asked questions can be a great way to educate potential customers about the services offered by the med spa, and to demonstrate the spa’s expertise in the field. Additionally, these blog posts can be optimized for search engines with relevant keywords, which can help attract potential customers searching for the answers to these questions.

It is also a good idea to have your blog post visually appealing and easy to read, making use of headings, bullet points, and images to break up text and make the post more engaging

Ready to grow your med spa?

Attracting new customers is essential for any business, and med spa owners have several options for doing so. Offering promotions and discounts, building a strong online presence, networking, offering a wide range of services, providing excellent customer service, utilizing SEO and digital marketing, and building loyalty programs are some of the strategies that can help med spa owners attract new customers.

However, it’s important to track the effectiveness of the marketing efforts, and adjust the budget accordingly. It’s essential to measure the return on investment (ROI) for each marketing campaign and to focus on the efforts that are driving the most revenue.

To maximize the effectiveness of these strategies, it is highly recommended to hire a pro that can help med spa owners to increase their online visibility and reach more target audience.

Since ads are an easy way in, once you’re getting consistent customers from running ad campaigns, we suggest that you prioritize your SEO. Thinking about where you want your business to be in 6-12 months vs tomorrow is how many med spa owners set themselves apart and achieve big revenue goals.

If you’re ready for SEO but don’t know where to start, send us a message and we can connect for a free SEO strategy consultation where we’ll talk through your goals and create a plan that can help you achieve them.

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